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    Text-to-Speech API

    VO!CEgen's API enables customers to leverage VO!CEgen technology within their own web services and provides access to all languages and voices.

    Your apiKey:

    // Get all voices
    curl -X POST '' \
      -H 'authorization: Basic [YOUR_APIKEY]'
    // Generate voice
    // You can replace the voiceId parameter with a voice from list_voices
    // This command will return raw audio data
    curl -X POST '' \
      -H 'authorization: Basic [YOUR_APIKEY]' \
      -H 'content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
      --d '{"voiceId":"en-US_Jenny", "pitch":0, "rate":1.00, "text":"This is my test"}' 
    // Get my Balance
    curl -X POST '' \
      -H 'authorization: Basic [YOUR_APIKEY]'
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